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Series: Requirements – You’re doing it wrong Part 1

Most of you have probably seen this meme on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Generally it is an image, probably taken out of context, of someone demonstrating a lack of understanding, with a comment to the gist of “You’re doing it wrong.” While these images are a little extreme, I’m sometimes reminded of them when consulting on requirements analysis. I’m not saying that organizations are often completely missing the boat, but I’m pretty sure that if they stepped back a bit they’d quickly see their problems for themselves.

Before I start with my first topic in this series, I’d like to quote the IIBA‘s Continue reading

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Scrum, Agile, Complexity and Ants

(Originally posted here December 2, 2011)

I started re-reading Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber a few days ago, after not having looked at it in far too long. I was struck by the similarities between Schwaber’s view on the complexities of software development and the concepts of Complex Systems Theory I recently read while helping someone do research for a paper. I have to think that Schwaber and the other founders of Scrum were at least partly inspired by it.

Complex Systems Theory is, not surprisingly, difficult to describe in a nutshell. Continue reading

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